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dream + gather + create

1/hr Consultation - FREE

1/hr - $55

2/hr - $105

4/hr - $210

6/hr - $285

8/hr - $375

10/hr - $445

12/hr - $505

+3/Day Membership - $1323

*Membership : 3 Full Days (36 hours) - Choose 3 days within a month for you to use (9am-9pm)


NOTE : These prices do NOT include, a hired photographer, videographer, stylist, etc.


You may hire (Studio Owner) - Nick Balera, for your project ...

[ photography / videography / styling / creative directing ]

... it is an added cost and will vary depending on the job.

Please e-mail for further info on pricing and hires, 

or for recommendations for any services you may need for you studio project.

There is commission fee (+___% varies) on any sales/tickets/admissions made in the studio or made for an event held at the studio (unless otherwise agreed upon). 

Extra hours may be purchased after booking or during reservation, if there's no one scheduled after you, if you find you need more time, for a flat rate of $50 per hour.

Please account for any time needed for setting up and tearing down, for this is needed to be done within your scheduled time.

If you exceed your scheduled time by over 5min you will be billed for an additional hour of $50.

Please e-mail Nick at to book your extra hours.