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The Studio

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The  Studio

1,000 sqft.

natural light studio



+ 2 rolling backdrops : (8x8 & 8x10) each with a different neutral color ...

(Currently : black-black, simply-sage green, catalina-coast blue & toffee-crunch tan)

+ C-stand with Einstein 640 light and modifiers

+ 6 different vintage/antique/mid century chairs

+ 3 wooden stools (two of the same height)

+ Black leather mid century couch and matching accent chair

+ Variety of potted plants

+ Full length, stand up, ladder-mirror

+ 2 large area rugs

+ 1 square black rimmed glass table

+ 1 round black rimmed wooden side table

+ Clothing rack and wooden hangers

+ 20 fold up black chairs / 4 fold up tables

+ 16 matte black coffee mugs / 16 sage green plates

+ 4 matching tan table clothes, 1 white with grey stripes

+ Variety of other table settings and accessories 

+ Bose bluetooth speaker 

+ Fan

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comes w/ the space


+ Complimentary Storyville press coffee, water and/or soda.

(feel free to use mini fridge while in the studio)

+ Deck overlooking the harbor and Mt. Rainier

+ Located downtown Gig Harbor

(within walking distance to shops, restaurants and 7 Seas Brewery)

+ Bathroom on site

natural light


artificial light

( your choice )

*Didn't see something you wanted/needed? 

Shoot us an email and we'd be glad to see what we can do to fulfill that missing desire!